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Optimizing your existing website includes:

  1. An analysis of your site and isolatation of the factors that are holding down your search engine ranking. We will fix those factors and the internal code on your website will be optimized to create Page One Dominance search engine results.

  2. The wording of text on your website will be optimized (with your review and approval) so your potential new customers and search engines know what services you deliver, what conditions you handle and what communities you are servicing.

  3. An optimized business profile will be created for your practice and submitted by hand (not computer programmed) to the top internet directories which have proven to greatly enhance search engine rank and generate reach from potential new customers.

  4. Once we optimize your website we will review your results and use them to further magnify your Page One coverage.

Custom Craiglist Ads

  1. Creation and daily posting of Custom Craigslist ads made from the pages of your website that link directly to your website.

Custom Built Mobile Website

    Custom site includes any cost of hosting for one year.

Social Media Pages and Posts

Creation and regular posting of a Business Google + Page

Creation and reglar posting of a Business Facebook page

Building a new website for you from scratch includes:

  1. Help in choosing an optimized domain name for your site.

  2. Help in purchasing your domain name and setting up your hosting.

  3. Assistance in deciding upon a basic website design and then following your suggestion to create the website design you want. 

  4. Creation of a custom banner for your website which you approve.

  5. Creation of a basic design for your website that you approve.

  6. Help for you to create site content if that is wanted or even write it all. And ensure it is optimized for maximum ranking.

  7. Touch up and size your photos.

  8. As needed find photos for your site.

  9. Create your choice of basic pages (Home, Services, Contact, and Testimonial, etc.).

  10. Optimize the code on your website for maximum search engine results.

  11. We will work with you till you are satisfied with how your site looks and works.

  12. We will put your custom site online and inform Google and other major search engines your site is ready to view.

  13. And we will take steps to facilitate Google indexing the pages of your site for use in searches.

  14. Additionally your optimized profile will be submitted to the top free internet directories shown to consistently enhance Page One presence and send patients to your site.


Optimization Maintenance includes:

  1. Keyword Ranking Report
  2. Actions based on reinforcement of those things working to move your ranking up.