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About Us

PAGE ONE DOMINANCE WEBSITES was founded in May of 2010 by John Jones, a web developer and optimization specialist from New Mexico.

Preceding this event, in January 2010, one of John's website clients in Phoenix, suggested to her Nutritionist, Dr. Wayne Kohan, that he have John build a website for his practice.  Dr. Kohan and John spoke and agreed that John would build and optimize a website for Dr. Kohan's Nutrition Response Testing practice.

Ironically, John had earlier worked under the originator of Nutrition Reponse Testing, Dr.Freddie Ulan, from 1985 to 1990, in the area of human rights exposure of criminal psychiatric practices.

John held Dr. Ulan in very high regard and in viewing the successes of Nutrition Response Testing, set out to create a website for Dr. Kohan that would dominate not only the local nutritionist searches but put him on Page One of web wide general health care searches.

If it proved successful, John hoped to assist other Natural healing practitioners in broadening the web presence of effective alternative non damaging health care procedure.

Knowing the importance of authoritative source content, John contacted Warren Publishing and asked for and received approval to compile articles for the website directly from the authoritative book on Nutrition Response Testing, THE GREAT HEALTH HEIST.

Twenty-three Articles were created and put on the new site.

John did an analysis of sites coming up Google Page One on significant Health Care Searches and used the common optimization actions done on those sites on the Phoenix Nutrition Response Testing Site.

The results were spectacular to say the least.  Hundreds and hundreds of Google Page Ones.

While continuing maintenance optimization actions on the Phoenix site, in May of 2010, John established PAGE ONE DOMINANCE WEBSITES. It's purpose was to replicate the spectacular results achieved on the Phoenix NRT website for every Nutrition Response Testing practitioner.

John has since added Page One Chiropractic Websites that optimizes all Chiropractic and Nutritionist websites and further expands awareness of non destructive alternatives to "drug for every ill" treatment.

And due to incredible results optimizing other small businesses John has recently added Page-One-Small-Business-Websites.

John has contined to optimize and build websites with ever increasing spectacular results.